The Hunt

With Jordan Peele set to Executive Produce, THE HUNT, created by David Weil, follows a diverse band of Nazi hunters living in 1977 New York City. The Hunters, as they’re known, have discovered that hundreds of high-ranking Nazi officials are living among us and conspiring to create a Fourth Reich in the U.S. The eclectic team of Hunters will set out on a bloody quest to bring the Nazis to justice and thwart their new genocidal plans. Lerman plays Jonah Heidelbaum. When his grandmother is killed by a mysterious intruder in their apartment, he sets out to find the killer. While doing so, he becomes swept up with The Hunters. Mulvany is set to play Sister Harriet, one of the members of The Hunt.

The newly announced recurring roles include Ebony Obsidian (If Beale Street Could Talk) as Carol Hawthorne, Jonah’s neighbor and romantic interest. Caleb Emery (Little) and Henry Hunter Hall (When They See Us) will play Jonah’s best friends Arthur “Bootyhole” McGuigan and Sherman “Cheeks” Johnson respectively.James Le Gros (Drugstore Cowboy) plays veteran FBI agent Detective Grimbsy who is also Millie’s (Hinton) boss at the New York bureau. Berlin (The Night Of) rounds out the recurring cast as Jonah’s grandmother.

Ebony Obsidian